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anacam, the internet's 1st 24/7 art+life cam!

(about me and anacam and all that stuff)
REVISED: february 1th, 2007

hello, my name is:
ana clara voog
from my world to yours....welcome!
i'm a paradox (like most people)
and i take the liberty to change my mind about anything i say at the drop of a hat. let me begin by answering some questions you might have:
how do I pronounce your name?

my name is pronounced (ah-nah), where the 'ah' sounds like the 'o' in bomb; voog where the 'oo' sounds like the 'oo' in broom.

what is anacam?

anacam is the internet's 1st 24/7 art-life cam.

(what do i mean by that?
i mean that i was the 1st one to use the webcam as art. i was the 2nd webcam that was 24/7 to be put in the home.
i am now the oldest homecam on the internet.)

it is a window into my house, into my life ( not my life itself, a PICTURE of my life, please note the difference), my art, how i view things.

it is a picture updated every 5 minutes showing what i'm doing right now or showing you something i'd like you to see.

it is not a surveillance thing or a peeping thing, because i have invited you.

sometimes it is more about showing you what is going on INSIDE me than what is going in in my actual physical surroundings. that is why i like to play with the filters and be playful with this medium.

but as i've been doing this for well over 9 years now (i started on august 22nd, 1997), i'm coming to the conclusion that this site isn't about me at's about YOU! yes, anacam seems to be a giant ink blot that people project their own psyche upon. it's about PROJECTION.

what do YOU see here? what do YOU think this site is about? and what does that say about YOU? :) what does it say about your ideas, morals, ethics, boundaries, state of mind...when you feel and think about this site? that is my question to you...

i am your mirror, it seems.

that's how I feel about this site so far...and that is part of what i've learned and pondered as i've read the email i receive and chatted in my irc channel, and had many interviews.

sometimes anacam will get really interesting for awhile, then it'll go back to being boring 'cause that's life.

just when you think nothing will happen here...bam...something crazy out of the blue happens.

anacam is like the weather...the only predictibility it has is that it WILL change.

i don't do "shows" but i do love to show things by using my cam as a photographer would....i might get inspired by the way the light is hitting dishes in the dishwasher, or by my goofy dogs sleeping upsidedown. and ya sometimes i do put on a wicked pair of high heel shoes and prance around nude in a feather boa..cause dammit i'm a girl and i did that before i had a cam, so there :)

this site isn't about sex, but sexuality and SENSUALITY is a PART of this site because that is part of my life.

but you'll see my dogs or me staring at my monitor glassy-eyed more than you'll see sexual stuff. i'm really good at staring :) and sleeping!

and contrary to popular belief, i am NOT an exhibitionist because i do not get turned on by the thought that others are watching me. i guess you could call me a nudist. i just don't CARE if people are watching me if i'm nude. i don't mind people watching, in fact, i find it rather comforting, especially when i'm sleeping..i feel like you are all angels watching over me :)

i don't feel that my privacy is being invaded since i am in control of my cameras and i am choosing to do this. last but not least: i'll do what i want when i want to. it is not a "show". who knows what will happen?

remember it's my life and i don't owe you anything.

why have I decided to do this?

curiousity. to experiment. to study human nature/culture.

but mostly i feel i have a lot of cool things to share and communicate to a worldwide "audience" in a totally spontaneous and immediate way from the comfort of my home.

this appealed to me, since I'm actually an introvert and prefer to be alone. and no middleman! no marketing strategy! no political showbiz bullshit! yay!

i want to keep expanding myself in the different ways i can communicate. i'm an artist to my core.

it was such an intense idea. and i like intense, and i like to push boundaries of what people think a woman is and isn't.

i want to break stereotypes. because i am in "showbiz" people always want to know about me, and they usually get it all wrong and try to put me into a neat little compartmentalized package for mass consumption( and they still do continue to do this ).

it's like having a speculum up your ass and that's all they can see..just one part of my body (and a small one at that!) they can't see the whole picture.

so i'm also doing this to say

but mostly, all analyzing aside, i'm just doing this for the pure surreal fun of it. no lie. it's just plain simple fun.

i think i'm more amused by this project than anyone!

i just think this is a fabulous opportunity to share things with you through my art, and in that process, learn more about EVERYTHING!

what are my 'statistics'?

birthday: april 18th, 1966 , but i don't feel any particular age and never have
height: 5'2"
weight: fluxuates between 95-110 lbs.
shoe size: 6
bra size: 32D
circumference of wrist: 5 1/4"
circumference of neck: 12"
circumference of head: 21"
how long is my pointer finger from the knuckle: 3 1/2 "
circumference of ankle : 8"
sun sign: aries
moon sign: aries
rising sign: leo
chinese sign: fire horse
favourite colours: red, pink, white, black,and clear
favourite food: sushi
favourite movies: bladerunner, wings of desire, household saints, the hunger, solaris, being john malkovich
favourite books: hitchhikers guide to the galaxy (by douglas adams), the nature of personal reality (by jane roberts), finnegans wake (by james joyce)
worst fear: to throw up in public
biggest dream: to live in a monolithic dome house in the desert and watch lightning storms
favourite music: pink floyd, kate bush, david bowie, stereolab, the orb, bjork, ultravox, the pretty things, roxy music, the soft boys, kraftwerk, yoko ono , mark hollis, talk talk, radiohead, akron/family, imogen heap, muse
spiritual beliefs: new-age-frooty-zen stuff
sexual preference: omnisexual
political beliefs: i hate politics but i find myself being thrown into the middle of them almost daily.
pet peeves: judgementalness, intolerance, and impoliteness
things that turn me on: a wicked devious sense of humour and a brilliant twisted mind
things i collect: mannequins, globe-shaped objects, keys, owls, glass grapes, antique stuffed animals, antique dolls, scissors, vintage lingerie, drycleaning tags, egg beaters, yoko ono stuff, annie sprinkle stuff, japanese incense, candles, cobalt blue glass, 78 records,yarn
favourite comic books:
Frank, Meatcake
favourite scents rose, sandalwood, new books, leather, playdoh
biggest flaw: i am a very nervous
biggest asset: i am kind
past lives: too many to count!

what do I do for a living?
i do anacam for a living :)

i am a singer/songwriter/musician/performance artist/visual artist/writer.

all my music (5 records) is out of print except you can download mp3's from all my records in the section called "anamusiq" in!

i also paint, draw, sew, and write and print out my own little homemade books. :) and crochet hats!

so are those furry things running around loose in your house...cats?

nope, they're dogs. the skinniest one is named named pooka and the more stocky one is named deiter. the breed that they are is japanese chins and they are best fluff monsters ever!
the caramel coloured one is sebastian, the shih tzu.
pooka never barks, and deiter only barks a tiny bit when he's playing. mostly they make snorting or whirring sounds. someday I'll have to tape their sounds so you can hear them. it's TOO cute!
sebastian likes to sing. i call him "the wooket" or "the wuzzler".


Is there someway to contact you?


anavoog at gmail dot com

i read EVERY SINGLE ONE of your emails and enjoy them more than words can express!, but i RARELY write back due to the fact that i just truly suck at getting back to people. i am the world's worst procrastinator.

so if you don't receive a reply, please don't take it personally! but i read it ALL! it gives me energy to persevere! thank you thank you thank you! i hope you can understand. also, i do not read my email until the very end of my day, so don't send me any requests to wave at you :)

please write in your email "for your eyes only" in the subject if you wish to not have your email published anywhere on my site. of course, if i put it up on my site i would never ever publish your email address! if you do not write "for your eyes only" in the subject of the email, i will take that as a "yes" from you that i can put your email up on my site someday for others to read.

an address that you can send me actual letters (or presents) to! the address is:

Ana Voog
P.O. Box 76152
St. Paul, MN 55175-1152

please DO NOT send anything to me there that requires a signature (like fedex or priority mail) because the person that picks up my mail for me doesn't go there every day. they go there about once a week and I wouldn't want your package or letter to get sent back to you!



if you'd like to subscribe to the moderated mailing list - one that I started where you will get updates and ramblings from me (and no one else can post to this list) go to:



"under the bed" is the private forum on ana2 ( a great community full of warm interesting people. "under the bed" is like the pleasant coffee shop to relax and unwind and discuss things with your friends.


who designed my website?

I designed my website.

mumbleboy ( designed the shockwave flash intro page.

how can I help support this project?


please take some time to go check out what ana2 has to offer. becoming a member of ana2 helps with the costs of running this whole thing! it's only 50 cents a day to help support the anacam project

I think that's about it, for now!

ana clara voog :)

<---this has been a trance-mission
frum thee ana muthership--->